Landen Meadows Gators Swim Team 2017

Welcome to Swim Team 2017 ~ Frances Dattolo, Team Representative ~

Sandy Bujalski, Head Coach

Emily Brown, Assistant Coach




Welcome To The Gators Home Page!

It's time for our swimmers to show what they are made of once again. The season is shaping up to be another great one already. Our sponsors are all jumping back on board and we've even added a few more new ones. The special social events for the team are on the calendars, volunteers are signing up, and our equipment needs are being worked out.

Most news will be announced on this website. This is the best and fastest way to take care of all our communications in one swoop. Please check back often to learn all the newest updates.

The Gators Swim Team strives to provide a fun, competitive and family centered environment that will inspire every swimmer to challenge their minds and bodies to do their very best! The team goals we strive for each season are SPORTSMANSHIP and TEAMWORK, and our ultimate goal is to instill a love of swimming that will last a lifetime.

See you at the pool~


Coach Sandy's email:


Greater Charlotte Swim League

We are one of 40 summer swim teams, divided into six divisions, within the Greater Charlotte Swim League (GCSL). GCSL provides each team with ribbons, determines the meet schedule, devises the scoring system and maintains bylaws for our league to follow. Our league abides by USA Swimming guidelines to maintain safe and equitable competition for everyone.


Our 2017 Team Sponsors

Each year we have many items that need to be repaired, replaced or purchased for the first time. Our home owners association and our individual swimmer fees cannot possibly cover the cost of all our needs. We have been very fortunate to have very generous sponsors for the last few years. Please thank our sponsors and be sure to call on them when you can use their products or services.