School Bus Evacuation Drills

281—43.40(285) Pupil instruction. At least twice during each school year, once in the fall and once in the spring, each pupil who is transported in a school vehicle shall be instructed in safe riding practices and participate in emergency evacuation drills. Documentation of these drills shall be maintained locally for five years and made available upon request.
[ARC 4636C, IAB 8/28/19, effective 10/2/19]

Procedures for emergency evacuations:
-Students shall remain seated during driver's instructions. Students are instructed to remain reasonably quiet during driver's instructions. Drivers instructions shall be obey promptly.
-Drivers will instruct students on the location and operation of the emergency door, emergency windows, and emergency hatches. Drivers will instruct students on the location and operation of the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and body fluid kit. Drivers will instruct students on buses with air operated doors the location and operation of the emergency door release.
-Older students are designated to assist younger students with emergency egress and to open the rear emergency door upon instruction from the driver.
-Students are instructed to walk 100 feet away from the school bus and gather as a group in the designated evacuation area.
-During an evacuation drill, students shall return to the bus in an orderly manner. Students shall know what is the expectations and instructions of the emergency evacuation.

Rear Door Evacuation

Front Door Evacuation

Front & Rear Door Evacuation