2015-2016 Annual Transportation Data

11 Regular Education Routes

1 Special Education Route

2 Pre-School Routes

Yellow Vehicles: 18 School Buses

White Vehicles: 3 Full-Size Vans, 1 Minivan, 2 Trucks, 2 Cars

District Size: 110 Square Miles

111,749 Route Miles

21,069 Non-Route Miles

Average # Students Transported: 671 of 737 students (91% of the student's enrolled)

Transportation Department Goals

Greet students with a “Good Morning” to help get their day off to a good start.

Maintain cooperation between the administration, students, and drivers.

Treat all students with respect and to receive respect from them using the PBIS model.

US 61 in both directions: Opposing traffic sharing the roadway.

Between County Road H16 (near Grandview) and County Road G38 (near Muscatine). The roadway is shared with opposing traffic due to road construction work. There is a width limit in effect. There is a weight limit in effect. There is an axle load limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". No vehicles over 156,000 lbs. Axle weight limit 20,000 lbs. Until September 28, 2017 at about 3:00PM CDT. 

North/South End

IWZ3171 N US 61 - Eisley Hill Webcam

IWZ3171 S US 61 - Eisley Hill Webcam

IWZ3146 N US 61 - 130th Street Webcam

IWZ3146 S US 61 - 130th Street Webcam

US 61 Detour

IWZ3195 N US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

IWZ3195 S US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

IWZ3195 W US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

IWZ3195 E US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

Old US 61 (Closed)

IWZ3191 N US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

IWZ3191 S US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

IWZ3191 W US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

IWZ3191 E US 61 - Highway 92 Webcam

170th Street

IWZ3188 N US 61 - 170th Street

IWZ3188 S US 61 - 170th Street

IWZ3188 W US 61 - 170th Street

County Road G38 (Fruitland Road) Closed To Thru Traffic

County Road G38 (Fruitland Road) will be closed to thru traffic between Highway 61 and County Road X61 (Stewart Road) for a grading and PCC paving project. Subcontractor, Reilly Construction Co., will begin moving in equipment and personnel to begin the grading portion of the project. Once completed the prime contractor, Croell, Inc., will move in to begin paving operations.

Traffic will be detoured using Highway 61, 57th Street, and County Road X61 (Stewart Road). Residents are advised to use the designated detour and to use caution while traveling on the detour. County Road G38 will be closed to thru traffic for the duration of the project, which is tentatively scheduled to be completed in mid-fall.

Starting Tuesday, June 6, 2017 7:00AM CDT until Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at about 5:00PM CDT.

Parent Reminders

Stop times you receive are strictly an estimate. Times may vary by +/- five minutes. This allows a 10 minute window for the school bus to arrive. School buses experience delays due to mechanical breakdown, weather conditions, road conditions, traffic conditions, etc. Please have your children at the loading point five minutes prior to the designated arrival time.

Please send a note if your student(s) are to ride a different bus or if you will be picking your children up early or after school. If you have an emergency message for your student, please call the office before 2:30pm. This will allow the message to be delivered in a timely manner. Students are dismissed at 3:18pm at the secondary building and ready for loading at 3:26pm at the elementary building. It is a busy time of the day in both building offices and your assistance and cooperation is much appreciated.

Know when to stop or pass a school bus?

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