After School Clubs & Activities

6th Grade Choir
Starting in Septemeber, days TBD
Open to all 6th grade students, join Mr. Ireland after school twice a week and participate in the first LMCMS 6th Grade choir! 

Art Journal Club
Tuesdays until 4:15 in room 100
Join us to create unique art that is personal and writing about what's happening with you.  Get exited to use some supplies only available during club time!

Chess Club
Days to be determined
Game boards and snacks are provided. 

Conversation PEACE
Every other Wednesday 1:40 – 2:40 in room 216
Purpose-Equity-Accountability-Character-Education: Giving students a safe and peaceful place to talk about difficult issues, bringing about a positive change through courageous conversations.  See Ms. R Rials or Mr. Bell with questions.

1st & 3rd Mondays until 4:15 
Take an active role in studying and promoting sustainability, providing sustainable resources and services to LMCMS, and examining how our actions today can have an effect on the world of tomorrow. See Ms. Fuller or Mr. Spradlin for more information.

Future City
Tuesday and Thursdays until 4:15 in room 401
Are you interested in architecture, engineering, or design?  Then come to Future City, a club and contest for students interested in designing and building their own city 150 years in the future.  Open to all LMCMS students and snacks will be provided.  See Mr. Heath or Mrs. Catterton with questions!

Garden Club
Tuesdays & Thursdays until 4:45 in room 303 
1st & 4th Quarters 
Students can work/play in the garden with Laura Leonard & Mrs. Hurt to help plant, harvest, and maintain vegetables that will be used in the school cafeteria.  See Miss Laura or Mrs. Hurt for more information.

Gay-Straight Alliance

Mondays until 4:15 in room 304
GSA welcomes all students to support each other, improve school climate, and educate our community about issues impacting students.  Our Goal is to make LMCMS a safe place for ALL students.
Girl Talk
Tuesdays 7:30a in room 114
A safe space to discuss healthy relationships for teenage girls.  See Ms. R Rials or Ms. Wilde.
Homework Zone
Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays until 4:15 in the Library
Come to the computer lab in room 206 if you need a place to study or finish homework.  Teachers are available to help you complete your schoolwork or get organized.  Snack is provided for participants.

Tuesday & Thursday, until 5:00, in room 303.
October 27 -Nov 5
KU’s UKan Teach program will be providing iZone, a program providing activities investigating math and science activities. After receiving a snack, students will do a variety of hands on activities.

LMCMS Newspaper
Tuesdays until 3:45 in room 211.
Students are invited to create their own newspaper after school.  Writers, photographers, and editors are needed.  See Ms. Martin for more information.
Math Counts
Thursdays until 4:15 in room 110
Students do competitive math with Ms. Reaver each week because math is fun and we love it!  Snacks are provided.  See Ms. Reaver with questions.

Starting in September, days TBD in room 216 (Choir Room)
NERDVANA is for students who enjoy playing board and card games.  Explore playing many different kinds of games, from 2 players to 20!  See Mr. Ireland with questions.

Science Olympiad
Tuesdays & Thursdays until 4:45 in room 303. 
2nd & 3rd Quarter 
Students are invited to compete in a variety of science related events including earth science, life science, engineering, chemistry, and physics. Egg drops, catapults, musical instruments, bottle rockets have all been built before, come see what we build this year.  See Mrs. Hurt for more information.

Smart Strength
Tuesdays & Thursdays until 5:00  
2nd & 3rd Quarter
Personal trainers from Next Level fitness work with students twice a week focusing on lifelong health and fitness.  See Mrs. Souders for more information.
Socrates Café
Fridays 7:15 – 7:50
Come, bring your breakfast, and engage in philosophical conversations using the Socratic Method.  See Ms. Reaver for more information.

Ted Ed
Mondays until 4:15
Spend time after school creating your own TED talks and share them with your peers! See Mr. Heath for more information. 

Walk And Talk
Monday & Fridays until 4:30
Need more time to talk to friends? Come walk and talk after school with your friends. Bring your headphones and music. Meets in the common area by the cafeteria. Snacks will be provided.