March 2014

Patrol Hours:  46 hrs as of Mar. 31.


  • God’s Country (M. Gordon, J. Downs, C. Jones):  8:30 for duathlon.  Maps.  Cold start!   

  • Brew to Brew (Craig, Jared, Michael Gordon, Justin Eddings, Sam...):  Sunday April 6th.  Runners reach the levee around 11:30 - 5pm.

  • Bone Bender (Need Patrollers):  Sunday April 13th.  Start mtb marathon: 10am.  Start XC: 10:15am.

    • Don’t necessarily need to ride the loop.  Trail access via park roads.

  • Sunflower State Games (Need Patrollers):  Saturday, July 26

Trail Conditions - Please tweet conditions after ride

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    • Please tweet #trailconditions.

      • username:  lmbpatrol  pass:

Patrol Training/refresher
  • Videos-handouts at my house followed by LRT ride.
  • April 19th or 26th

CPR/First-Aid Options

  American Heart Association - link

  • 2 modules:  $40 ea. $80 total.  Flexible times for skills test.

    • Part 1:  Online instruction

      • Course Name: Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED Online Part 1 (90-1401)

    • Hands-on skills training.

      • Course Name: Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Skills Session (Nearest course provider is Franklin Co. EMS).

*  LMBC reimburses new Patrollers for CPR-First Aid training.

 Red Cross

  • James Dickerson (USACE Smithville Lake) is looking into offering cert. (we did this last year).  Very reasonable pricing.

  • City of Lawrence $100 ea.  Group session.

New Patrol Jersey Design:

  •  Can incorporate NMBA with LMBC jersey.

    • Primal Quote:  $70 - $5 (donation back to club) 15 min. ($975)

    • Voler:  $60 ish. - no minimum

    • Reg. NMBP jersey:  $45.

  • Anyone want to help with design?  link

Funds resulting directly from event patrol. Put towards: Jerseys, Med Kits, Accessories, Training...

Brew to Brew: receiving $500


 Other Ideas?

Trail Maintenance Ideas - LRT

    Signage updates

        Laminated trail markings for easy, inexpensive replacement.

            Landmarks with trail, levee mileage (for emergency reporting).

            Levee - Trail access point signs visible from the levee (similar to Clinton w/ map)

            Blind curves

            Under construction

Other business?