Codrington on Sri Lanka


by Humphry William Codrington


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Codrington's Note on the chronology of Lanka.

List of the
* Sovereigns of Lanka
* Kings of Portugal and Captains Generals of Cilao
* Dutch governors of Zeilan
* British governors of Ceylon

i. The beginnings and the conversion to Buddhism -543 : -161 Goddess Tara
ii. Duttha Gamani to Kassapa of Sigiriya -161 : 0479
iii. The mediaeval kingdom to the Chola conquest 0479 : 1070
iv. The Polonnaruwa kings 1070 : 1215
v. The Dambadeniya and Gampola kings 1215 : 1411
vi. The Kotte dynasty and its Portuguese allies 1412 : 1550
vii. The ascendancy of Sitawaka and of Portugal 1550 : 1635
viii. The decline of the Portuguese power 1635 : 1656
ix. The Dutch occupation 1656 : 1796
x. Transition to British administration 1796 : 1805
xi. The British administration 1805 : 1833
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