At Home in Texas

Welcome to our house!

Nate and I moved to San Antonio last year and decided to build a house! It was a fun process and now we (or I rather) are working on making it a home. Please page me if you have any questions! I'd be happy to share! 


 Our House (number 3)

I don't have a picture of the front of the house. I will add one in the spring when the grass isn't dormant. It looks so ugly right now! Our style is eclectic. We like mixing older antiques and classic things with more modern colors and pieces. 


Looking from the great room/kitchen area towards the front door. The dining room is on the left (as is the hallway to the garage). My office and the hallway to the laundry room are on the right.

Looking towards the great room (on right) and kitchen (on left).











Cooper's buddy, Rufus. Sorry the picture looks a little blurry!











A close up of our wood floors. I love them, but they are a pain in the arse to keep clean. They look dirty in this picture and I took it right after the cleaning lady left!









The Dining Room 

Our dining room (circa December 2007, hence the snowmen on the buffet). The table, chairs and buffet are from Z Gallerie. The lamps are from Target. The bird pictures are from Pottery Barn. We are currently missing our 2 end chairs. We ordered two leather armchairs, but apparently they were scratched so Z Gallerie wouldn't give them to us. Of course they were discontinued!

This picture is hanging in the hallway across from the dinning room. I got it at Pottery Barn for $45! I really love birds (if you can't already tell).

Another favorite purchase from Target. You can see the staircase in the mirror and our windows in the great room.

My Office

I am painting my office this weekend. I will add pictures when I have finished it!

The Kitchen

I love cooking in our kitchen! The cabinets are black and have a worn look. We have pulls to put on them but haven't gotten to it yet. The only downside to the black is that they show finger prints! Hopefully that problem will be solved with the pulls! We are thinking of painting the kitchen a light blue color.

(Left) We have three of these pendants hanging over our island. We bought them at Home Depot. (Right) Our backsplash. The accent tiles are kind of a silver color. It's difficult to tell from this picture.

The wine rack above the fridge. I love this because the space above the fridge always seems to go to waste. My husband LOVES wine. Unfortunately for him, I hate it!

You can kind of see the worn finish on the cabinets in this photo.

The breakfast nook


The Great Room

This is our great room. I am still working on the decor. The ceilings are so high that it makes it feel empty. I am going to add curtains to the 3 windows (to the left) when I find some I like. The walkway is to the powder room and our master bedroom. I painted the winter artwork on the mantle. Our color scheme for the room (you can't really tell from this picture) is blue, green (because the couch is kind of green) and orange.

Please excuse the candles sitting on the fireplace. They don't belong there and I'm too lazy to re-take the picture.

 This may be my favorite purchase for the new house. Our coffee table is from Crate and Barrel. It is made of recycled wood and is very durable.

The top of the coffee table.

(Left) Our alligator (or is it a crocodile?), Giovanni. (Right) The TV stand I built (well, put together). We searched and searched for one and couldn't find one we liked. We finally found this one at Costco (online). Our TV is a Vizio (also from Costco). (Bottom Left) The antique bucket my BIL picked out for me. I love it!


Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is a little long and narrow. We are still working on decorating this room. We got the new bed (Z Gallerie). We are still waiting for our sconces to go next to the bed. We also have curtains to put up but can't find a curtain rod that is long enough. We need about 210"! The door to the right leads to our bathroom and the exercise room.

The other side of the room. I love our long mirror, but it won't be staying there after we put our curtains up. One of the curtains is draped over the back of the leather chair (a little hard to see). We are also going to add some artwork and other accessories to this room still. It is a little bland!









Other wall in our bedroom. The dresser and picture look off center because the bathroom door is open. The dresser looks a little cluttered. I think I may take some stuff off it.






 Close up of bedding, headboard, and pillows.











The Master Bathroom

This is pretty self explanatory. In the upper right corner you can see our leaded glass window.







You can see the window better in this picture.










  Our messy shower. The walkway goes into the exercise room. Our closet is also through the bathroom.










The Guest Rooms

We have 3 bedrooms upstairs. One in Nate's office (he works from home) and the other 2 are used as guest rooms. They are boring right now so I'm only showing one of them. As I do more work on them I will add more photos. 

This is one of our guest rooms and is a work in progress. I made the bed skirt, pillow, curtains and recovered a bench (not in the picture). I am in the process of making a headboard (that is why the pictures above the bed were hung so high). 




Here is a close up of the curtains I made and the fabric I used. The fabric is designed by Amy Butler. I love her fabric. 


 DIY artwork. It looks much cooler in person.

The Gameroom 

I don't have any pictures of the gameroom right now. It's kind of empty except for our air hockey table.

The Media Room

The media room is a work in progress (like everything else). This is Nate's room so he picked everything out (almost).

Nate did pick out the couch. It is from Macy's (I think he saw it in war_eagle's bio a long time ago and loved it). I have some fun mirrors that I want to get to go over the couch (from CB2). Please excuse the ladder in the background. Nate is fixing the surround sound.

I gave Nate this picture for his birthday last year. It looks just like our dog!












Pillows I made (not the orange ones). The are supposed to be floor pillows, but we never sit on the floor. The fabric is also Amy Butler.



The Upstairs Bathrooms

The one thing I am really disappointed in is our guest bathrooms. They are just plain and boring. They both look pretty much the same.











The shower curtain in the other bathroom. It is from the Pottery Barn Outlet but is Hold Everything. 




The Backyard

We haven't done any work on the backyard yet. We have big dreams though! We back up to a green belt so we have a lot of privacy. You can see the dang dead grass in the back. This Oregon girl isn't used to that!








Cooper (the dog)

Cooper is a Boston Terrier and has a TON of personality. He has a serious underbite and gets his lip stuck in his teeth. He is a smiler!

Coops and his daddy







Crazy Cooper loves to play frisbee (God help you if you say "frisbee" in front of him and don't actually want to spend the next 3 hours playing). He has mad jumps.







I am, by no means, a photographer, however I have always been interested and messed around with it. These are a few of my favorites that I have taken with my new camera.  

 My parents' dog, Brady. He is an Irish Terrier and the sweetest (though naughtiest) dog ever!


Brady at Black Butte (in Central Oregon)