Found in 1943

144 items from the Iron Age
Spanning from 800 BC - 43 AD

The earliest items having been produced around 125 BC

Llyn Cerrig Bach is situated on Anglesey in North Wales, on the perimeter of RAF Aerodrome, Valley (Ord Survey SH 306 765). Take the A55 road towards Holyhead, turning left at the signposted junction for RAF Valley. Follow through the residential married quarters of the RAF, over the little railway bridge, turning into a car park immediately on the right (located left of the railway bridge is the Guard Room of the Camp).

On leaving the car park, walk along the road until you come to a plaque on the roadside erected in 1972 to commemorate the discovery.

The majority of the items are iron and bronze weapons - chariot fittings, harness fittings, swords, spears, daggers and parts of shields - the whole collection reflecting a very militaristic proud celtic society.

Many of these objects, particularly the swords, are characteristic of numerous examples found and known to be produced in the South of England, giving us evidence of trade.

William Owen Roberts (left), my father who discovered the bulk of the objects,
at the unveiling of the plaque with Mr Nicholas Bennett Jones