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 Aquí podéis encontrar la documentación así como los artículos en los que he participado estos tres últimos años en la investigación que he realizado en el campo del Grid.

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Video transcoding in a Grid network with User Controlled LightPaths

(Paper accepted in FGCS Journal)

GridON is an application that converts high-resolution broadcast video into MPEG-2 format, thereby reducing the file size and resolution. The application uses the User Controlled LightPaths (UCLP) software to
create on-demand, end-to-end, high-bandwidth dedicated connections to access remote computers. The
converted MPEG-2 files can be distributed much faster and further than the source files to these dispersed
computers, for reassembly into the higher resolution format. This paper describes the demonstration that took
place last September at the iGrid 2005 conference held in San Diego. As a proof of concept, we successfully
demonstrated that a video transfer in a Grid network environment can be integrated with a user-controlled
lightpath provisioning system. 

Gridcat 2005

Slides about the GridCAT 2005 summary - [ pps - catalan ]

Architecture and Administration GridCAT test

Architecture GridCat presentation 2003 - [pdf - spanish ]

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