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Late charges

What does the law say?
There is no statutory limiation on late fees.  Some courts have made determinations based on either the common law or on the OLLTL provision against unconscionable terms in a lease.

What are some examples of unconscionable terms in a rental agreeement.

Landlord put into lease that rent was due the 1st of the month.  She told him that she gets her child support between the 10th and 15th.  He agreed to let her pay her rent then as opposed to what was on the lease.  Now that she has moved out, he is charging her 10% of her rent every month that she lived there as late payments on her rent.  Can a landlord charge late fees after a tenant has moved out since every month he accepted the rent without charging a late fee at that time?

Tenant's son damaged the property.  Tenant entered into a repayment agreement.  Landlord is now charging late fees on the repayment payments.