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University of Zagreb (Croatia)

University of Zagreb (UniZg) is the oldest Croatian university and also the oldest university in South East Europe. It includes 29 faculties, three art academies and the Centre for Croatian Studies. It offers a number of university study programs and has about 50.000 students. UniZg is a strongly research-oriented institution, contributing with over 50% to the total research output of the country.

Teachers and researchers from UniZg's Faculty ofTextile Technology (FTT) participate in this project. FTT is the youngest technical faculty at UniZg. Here different specialties are blended and the faculty has recently become one of the most productive scientific research institutions in the field. FTT is organized in two locations, in Zagreb and in Varaždin. Thus both face-to-face and distance learning modes are practiced at FTT.

In the GRASS project, FTT participates in the conceptualization of the project pedagogical approaches and ICT tools and services, especially in the part related to supporting soft skills development and assessment in different courses according to accessibility standards. FTT also takes part in pedagogical evaluation of soft skills in different blended mode delivery environments, as well as in dissemination of the project results.

The project team from FTT includes:

Ivana Salopek Cubric Goran Cubric

Ivana Salopek-Čubrić, PhD
Lead researcher


Goran Čubrić, PhD