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First Grammar School of Kragujevac (Serbia)

First Grammar School of Kragujevac (FGSK) is the oldest grammar school in Serbia (in Serbian language). It includes all educational tracks: Latin, modern languages (English, French, German, Italian), mathematics, informatics and the natural sciences, history, geography, philosophy, logic, psychology, sociology, as well as history of art, music and physical education. There are approx. 1200 students each year (age 15-19, partitioned in four grades) and 90 well-skilled teachers, familiar with new teaching methods. As a school with a great reputation in Serbia, it is particularly interested in all kinds of innovation in the fields of learning, teaching and evaluation.

Introducing the Civic education (CE) course in primary and secondary schools ( in Serbia (2001), was a tremendous contribution to the development of soft skills for both students and teachers. Among various topics of "the cultivation of the virtues, knowledge, and skills necessary for political participation" (Amy Gutmann), the curriculum had a great many of workshops oriented to developing self-esteem, feelings of personal and group identity, communication skills, constructive conflict resolution, active listening, non-blaming, assertive behavior, negotiation, team work, capacity for critical thinking, sensitivity to violence, etc. Several CE certified teachers in FGSK are very curious concerning support of teaching and learning through modern technology, more precisely through Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL).

In the GRASS project, FGSK participates by applying TEL in the area of soft skills training and evaluation. At least 600 students in CE workshops every year, as well as experienced teachers, make together a broad research base for new models of training and assessment of soft skills by TEL.

The project team from FGSK includes:

Miroslav Jovičić