Most of the GRASS project deliverables are public. When finished, they become available through this page. Although complete, they may be subject to minor updates throughout the project duration.

All upcoming deliverables are located in the members only area and are not publicly available until they are finished. This is because they are just drafts and are subject to major changes.  Those few deliverables that are restricted can be accessed only by the project participants, the project reviewers and the European Commission project officers. These deliverables are not of interest to the project stakeholders and to the wider community.

The following list shows all archived (public) project deliverables. They are no longer represented on the calendar. However, minor updates/revisions to these deliverables are possible throughout the project duration. All deliverable translations to project partners languages (Swedish, Croatian and Serbian) in PDF format can be found below the public deliverables list.


WP1 deliverables

WP2 deliverables

WP3 deliverables

WP4 deliverables

WP5 deliverables

WP6 deliverables

WP7 deliverables

WP9 deliverables


WP1 deliverables - translations

WP2 deliverables - translations

WP3 deliverables - translations

WP4 deliverables - translations

WP5 deliverables - translations

WP6 deliverables - translations

WP7 deliverables - translations

WP9 deliverables - translations