"Llorona" is the new animation project from Oscar Alvarado & CHILE VERDE ESTUDIOS inMéxico.

This is an animated short film inspired by mexican folklore and people's cult to death.

"Llorona" is a tipical folklore song that speaks about a pretty woman. In the plot of this film "Llorona" is called "La Dama" and the story tells how this character went crazy abut the death of her man called "El Catrín".

The whole atmosphere centers arrownd the old and traditional Mexican culture with elements like music, games, architecture and graphics.The pre-production starts the first of June, 2008 and the first report of the short film is scheduled for the Blender Conference 2008 in Amsterdam in October.

All the LLORONA TEAM is very exited about this project and as always hoping it will turn out to be a great success.

First Animation Test (La Muerte en el Panteón)