Schedule Weekly Permissions Repair

Mac OS X 10.2 or higher required

One of my most frequent instructions to Mac OS X users when I get a help request is to open Disk Utility, select the startup disk volume icon, and click Repair Disk Permissions. Quite often that is the only necessary step to get things working again. So I decided to write this script to let you schedule automatic permission repair for once a week. I don't think it could be made much simpler.

Here's how to use the script.

First, decide on an appropriate time for the scheduled permission repair to run. Ideally, that would be a day and time of the week when your computer is likely to be up and running, but when you are either using it for work that is not processor intensive, or not at all. If you are compiling open source code or working with several large documents at once, you may notice an increase in response lag while the permission repair is being performed. The computer must be running for the scheduled permission repair to occur, so unless your computer stays on all night, you probably wouldn't want to schedule it for 2 am. (Leaving a typical campus computer on every night is not recommended.)

Next, you should run the script while logged in as the most frequent admin user of the computer. Typically, that would simply mean running the script anytime you're using your computer. If you are support staff and you're helping a user, run the script while that user is logged in. To run the script, just double-click its icon.

The rest is very simple. Just choose an hour when prompted, then choose a weekday when prompted. You may cancel at either prompt. After you've entered the weekday, you'll be notified that scheduling has been successful.

There are several automatic tasks that are routinely scheduled for your Mac OS X system by default. If you care to examine the schedule for them and possibly make adjustments, you might be interested in using a free program called Cronnix.
Laine Lee,
Jun 21, 2011, 2:56 PM