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English Language Assessment Specialist

posted Dec 15, 2011, 11:22 AM by LLED Grad Peer Advisors
Paragon Testing Enterprises Inc - The University of British Columbia, Point Grey Campus (Vancouver, Canada Area)

Job Description

-Key Responsibilities-

The English Language Assessment Specialist is directly responsible for improving Paragon’s various English language proficiency testing programs including the CELPIP-General Test, the CELPIP-Academic Test, and the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) Test.

Major responsibilities include

- Item development: writing, reviewing, pre-testing, evaluating, revising test items/tasks and the rating scales (rubrics) following the test design framework and test specifications. Applying item and test statistics to evaluate item and test form performance
- Test assembly: assembling test forms that meet content and statistical specifications
- Testing program design: identifying items (operational, fielding testing, anchor items for equating) in a testing program; planning for test item recycle and retirement
- Test delivery program: assisting in designing and implementing the content, format, and interface for the computerized delivery of the testing programs
- Research and evaluation: conducting both quantitative and qualitative research on score reliability and validity; summarizing, explaining, reporting, and publishing results to various stake holders such as Paragon’s management team, test advisory panel, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, UBC and other institutions
- Score scaling and reporting: assisting in scoring, equating, rescaling the raw scores, and setting standards (cut off) for score interpretation
- Consultation: being a resource person for staff, test advisory panel, management team, and clients with regard to the above key areas of work


-Other Responsibilities-

- Participating in constructed-response scoring activities, including developing training materials and training raters
- Assisting in the design and development of new assessments and new learning materials
- Reviewing and revising program publications and interpretive test preparation materials
- Assisting in recruiting, training, mentoring and managing external item writers; helping to develop item writer training materials
- Assisting in the design and development of new assessments and innovative products and services; assisting in development of test blueprints
- Responding to irregularity reports and candidate inquiries, investigating possible copyright violations, and reviewing and making recommendations for security issues
- Assisting in organizing activities associated with test development and research such as item writing training workshops, rater training workshops, and pilot testing.

-Working Relationships-

- Reports to the Manager, Test and Instructional Products Research and Development
- Works as part of a Test Development and Research team
- Works collaboratively with external team members: content experts or consultants, item writers, raters, researchers, and graduate students
- Works collaboratively with Paragon’s internal staff: software developer, computer systems administrator, instructional products developer, and customer services/marketing staff


Areas of responsibility and working relationships included in this job description will change as PARAGON adapts to its competitive environment, expands into new products and services, and grows in size. PARAGON employees should be ready and willing to work with the Management Team to redefine their areas of responsibility as required by the needs of the company.


-How to Apply-

You need to submit the following documents in Word or PDF format:

- A cover letter explaining why you are applying for this job.
- A resumé that clearly states the starting and ending dates for academic degrees or diplomas. Work experience responsibility should also be clearly stated.
- Examples of item writing and development for an operational/commercial English test.
- Graduate course transcripts showing all courses and grades received.
- First-authored published paper on the topic of English language learning or assessment/testing (if possible).

Qualified candidates are requested to forward the above documents to no later than Thursday, Dec 15, 2011. The subject line of the application must indicate the title of the position for “English Language Assessment Specialist”