Llano Tax Office Landscaping Project- 2010-2011


In October of 2010, Jill Tate at the Tax Office on the corner of Sandstone and SH 16 (Ford Street) contacted the Master Gardeners w/request to landscape the weedy-front  raised flowerbed

on the North side of the Tax Office Building. Jill had spoken w/Judge Wayne Brascom for approval of this project…our plan was to present the County Commissioners with a plan and estimated cost and we would go from there.

As many as Ten LMG’s met as a volunteer committee and decided on this landscape plan. We all agreed the first thing to do would be to clean up the area…we weeded/ tilled, added amendment and tilled some more.

The next step was easy...we all wanted to see a few big boulders, which the city /county crew provided us with.  The rocks were put into place and w/holidays coming and cold weather on us, we waylaid work until after January.

Our plan was simple- blooming, low plants- natives/perennials, low or no maintenance after establishment.  The bed is raised, water faucet available above and to the east of the building front.

We soon discovered the faucet was there, did not connect to anything!  (The problem was solved by a tenacious county crew!).

We planted over a period of 6 weeks or so…. four native Muhly grasses, one Rosemary, five Skullcaps, five Texas Betony and a flat of Leadwort Plumbago. The one bump in this road was the plan for Cedar Sage.

We bought four of them in “winter mode” (cut severely back)...and when planted and first growing, we discovered they were not Cedar Sage at all, instead being a single Mealy Blue Sage and three Indigo Spires!

They do well, but the Indigo Spires are a much larger plant than we envisioned in this space, so we will in due time change this plant to something else. As for now, pruning has kept it in check.

Another surprise is the amount of sunshine we are receiving on this bed. MG’s diligently checked at different hours of the day, how much sun was coming into the bed- we counted on a rather shady spot…well,

we have more sun than we first thought...it is manageable, but a good lesson for us to consider the movement of the sun in depth!


Llano County Tax Office and Commissioners and Judge and the LMG’s are pleased with this project, it being yet another county financed effort, and the LMG’s very much appreciate

the support of our Llano County offices and Commissioners.  It is a very busy office during the 9-5 weekdays, having a lot of traffic and we get many compliments!