Textbook: Learning with Python (2nd ed.)

Python links:
  • Python
  • Visual Python: If you are installing Python and VPython on your computer at home, it is recommended that you install both together by following the download instructions on the VPython web site.
  • Pyglet: If you are installing Pyglet on Windows 7, the Windows installer (pyglet-1.1.4.msi) does not work.  Follow these instructions instead:
    • Add the Python folder (e.g., C:\Python27) to your PATH environment variable.
    • Download the source distribution (pyglet-1.1.4.zip) at the bottom of the download page.
    • Extract the source distribution zip archive to a temporary folder (e.g., C:\pyglet-1.1.4).
    • From a Command Prompt, cd to the temporary folder and run python setup.py install.
Virtual Turtle Robot Simulator:
Image Processing: