10 Sites to use with Mobile Phones in Education--Tech Learning Advisor blog by David Kapular NEW!
Android 4 School--R Byrne's newest site offering apps and device resources NEW!
Apps in Education--Greg Swanson's blog
App Inventor Resources--these resources go with the following (next, Develop Your Own Apps) to help you teach students app creation NEW!
Develop Your Own Apps--Android for Schools resource; you don't need to write code NEW!
Education Apps Review (iear)--a community effort to grade educational apps
eLearning Stuff of current tech  NEW! 
Explain Everything--read this blog about the iPad app for videocasting and on a personal note,this  NEW!
Getting Ready for iPad Deployment--10 things to know  NEW!
How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom--read about iPad apps  NEW! 
iPads in Schools-Livebinder--this is an enormous resource!  NEW! 
iPad Resources for the Classroom--from Connected Classroom
MGuhlin's Evernote collection of favorite iPad and peripheral resources
Mobile Learning--the Who, the Why, and the What Now NEW!
Moodle--the upgraded platform has made "Mobility" Moodle's middle name  NEW!
Moodle and Web 2.0 compilation of current resources specific to the Moodle community
So, You Wanna Design Your Own Apps...--some resources to get you on your way NEW!
Socrative--create assessments on the fly and view the student surveys immediately NEW!
SoundCloud--great sharing of audio files, share your sounds NEW!
Web2PDF Online Widget--add PDF creation to your website or blog