Image, Video, Music

Image Resources
10 Inspirational Websites for Creating Your Own Customizable Logo Design--terrific resources for logo discussions NEW!
7 Good Screen Capture Tools for Teachers--from Free Technology for Teachers
Advanced Image Search with Google--Linda Stacy shows how to find images easily for blog postings
Aviary Education--create a safe, private classroom to use the image, vector, and audio editor and music creator
Big Huge Labs--use your photos to create posters, badges, magazine covers, puzzles, etc...
Creative Commons--read authorship rights carefully and cite where required. Click here to access the CC public domain search bar
FlockDraw--2.0 drawing tool for young students: simple and collaborative when students create an account
Foto Flexer--2.0 tool to flex your photo power
FreeFoto--student permissions with these, check use policies
GIMP--image manipulator that's just like Photoshop
IrfanView--resize huge batches of photos effortlessly with this free software. It's perfect for web developers!
Pickfull--free one click photo editing, great for the young student
Picnik--2.0 photo editing. This site works really well for uploading and adding text and images to a photo
Pics4Learning--Public Domain images
pixlr--online photo editor similar to Photoshop
Superlame--upload an image to this website, add a text balloon and create an instant cartoon NEW!
Tagxedo--Leung's superb word cloud generator will knock their socks off!
Top Ten Sites for Creating Digital Art--Technology & Learning Advisor Blog

Music Resources
Free Technology for Teachers--Richard Byrne's list of seven sources for free music, including  Vimeo Music Store
Free Music Games--from Smartboardmusic, this site has something for every age of music learner
Jamendo--free music files
JewelBeat--free royalty-free music and sound effects
Myna--create, mix, import and record your own digital files. This is a web-based app with free music resources for sound mixing
Opsound--free music. This Creative Commons site needs credit on your project when it's used
Pandora Radio--free Internet radio. You can create your own station of favorite genres
SoundCloud--great sharing of audio files, share your sounds NEW!

Text and Voice
10 Free Text-to-Speech Tools--from Educator's Technology, these resources are great for language teachers NEW!

QR Codes
QR Codes in the Classroom--Free Technology for Teachers

47 Alternatives to YouTube by Free Technology for Teachers
Screenr--instant screencasts with no download necessary
VidCaster--build a video website