Digital Storytelling

Digitizing the Writing Workshop--multimedia tools for storytelling 

BoomWriter--watch this video to understand how BoomWriter works
CogDogRoo--50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
Digitales--multiple digital storytelling resources and information 
HelloSlide--a great way to take a presentation in PDF format and add audio (yours or automated) for a read-aloud story.
Little Bird Tales--create and upload artwork, add text, narrate and share. All free!
Storyboard--digital storytelling 
Storyjumper--easy to use and looks just like a book. Parents can have a hard copy printed for a keeper! 
StoryBird--use gorgeous visual art to make a book 
The Digital Narrative--How to Teach Digital Storytelling 

Comic Master--create comics by using the drag-and-drop interface
Comics in the Classroom--100 Tips, Tools and Resources for Teachers  
ToonDoo--Free tool for kids to make comic and arrange them into books  
Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Comics--Technology & Learning Advisor Blog  
Blambot Comic Book Grammar and Tradition--learn & teach students how to decipher the unique language of comics!  

Meograph--4-dimensional storytelling

Animoto--free tool for kids to make music videos  
JayCut--free online video editor very similar (but much cooler) to Movie Maker 
Movie Maker 2.1--free download  
SchoolTube--free online space and school video community  
Xtranormal--free tool for kids to make animated videos