Technology Integration

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy revision v.3.01 by Andrew Churches, this PDf has examples of digital tools for each level
Cybraryman Internet Catalogue--embed technology into your lessons
Dhoozy--the latest ideas in eLearning designed for Australian schools
EDU 2.0--a free LMS/CMS in the cloud for schools  NEW!
Teaching and Learning with Social Media--a reflective case study conducted by José Picardo, Box of Tricks curator
Flip Your Classroom--explores the ways technology integration can allow teachers more flexibility in their classrooms. Blog by Catlin Tucker with some exceptional resources
Project Red--9 technology practices that improve education the most
TED--ideas worth spreading: videos of riveting talks by remarkable people

Passwordbird--teach students how to make passwords they can remember with this generator tool

7 Reasons Teachers Should Blog--Steve Wheeler lays it out and does it well
9 Steps to Create a Class Blog--follow Sue Waters' Edublogger steps
Around the Corner--#1 on my Google Reader, Miguel Guhlin provides a continuous ed tech dialogue with links and resources
Moving At the Speed of Creativity--Wesley Fryer's weblog

BYU's Center for Teaching and Learning--visit the Tech Tips and check out the right panel for lots of resources
COFA's Learning to Teach Online--this YouTube channel provides instructional strategies for the online teacher NEW!
Ed Life--the magazine of MU's College of Education
Educator's PLN--learn from the experts at this Ning site where you can add to the discussion as well
Edutopia--discussing "what works in education" site by the George Lucas Educational Foundation
Exploring the Picasa Interface--a video explaining functions of this free Google app
Free Technology for Teachers--a review of free technology resources
K-8 Lutheran Technology Curriculum--Capstone Project with a nicely structured site identifying and exampling NETS-S
Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers Workshop--nice activities for each tool to get your feet wet! Example of a Students Feedback Survey
ISTE--International Society for Technology in Education,where you can find NETS (National Education Technology Standards)
Landmarks for Schools--The Landmark Project. "You are your own best teacher." --Jimmy Buffett
Launching an iPad 1:1 Program--from THE Journal, an thorough examination of needs to support such a program
NCTP--National Center for Technology Planning
NewBay Media--the company that brings you Tech & Learning, School CIO, and Tech Forum; access them here
PBS's Frontline: Digital Nation--life on the virtual frontier: How to educate children for the digital age. You should definitely visit this resource!
Project Based Learning: Explained--this YouTube video lays out the simplicity of acting on opportunity
SIIA--Software & Industry Information Association, providers of educational content, services and software necessary to support U.S. education as it moves into the 21st Century
TeachHUB--New, recommendations and resources for teachers
Technology & Learning--a prescription for technology integration. Keep up with the latest news in educational technology
The Realities of K-12 Virtual Education--consider the policy implications--online courses are expected to almost double by 2014  NEW!
Tech Skills Lesson Plans--use these helpful lesson plans to build your curriculum
The Theory Underlying Concept Maps--a very thorough explanation of concept maps and how to use them for meaningful learning
ThinkQuest--Integrate learning projects into your classroom curriculum. Choose a topic, assign students, invite teachers, and collaborate with members around the world