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IT Solutions, Network Configuration and Dealer Services

Kensit & Associates is an Ontario, Canada based Dealer IT solutions company providing services to multiple new/used/recreational dealerships in the GTA and Buffalo, NY area. We work with the current infrastructure to provide you with fast efficient needs to fix current issues, keep your computers computing, and your business functioning. All at the lowest possible cost to keep your IT budget in tact. With over 20 years experience in the industry we have been through the worst to get your business to grow with the times we are now enjoying. From dealerships just receiving an F&I solution to latest in systems and IP Telephony we will help you achieve your goals at costs well below our competitors. Hence the this website, we dont have the marketing dollars like others to blast you with, in turn we serve you for less with more then enough knowledge and skill to provide a solution to any issue.

We strive to keep your needs and costs equivalent to industry standards and go well into the future. Anyone can sell you the services and equipment that you might need, but do you need it? We provide you with options to fix a possible problem with possible refurbished items at a lower cost, new or used, or removal of existing equipment. Giving you the best options available to you all with recommendations and ramifications on each.

Basic Dealer Services are:

    • Installation of computers, telephones, and any technology related items
    • Installation of communication wiring for any of the above services or related materials (Ethernet, cat 5e, coax, ect.)
    • Installation of patch panels for expansion, device boxes for termination of wiring (eg. RJ45)
    • CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds, Wilson, Norstar Meridian Panasonic Samsung phone systems, Cisco Systems IP Telephony
    • GM Access, HIDL, In-Ford, General Motors , Chrysler & Ford related equipment
    • Workplace networking and dealer networking environment
    • Computer related issues with Hard Drives, networking (wireless), hardware, Spyware, & Virus's
    • Systems Administrator, IT Management, Computer Consulting
    • Office 365, Exchange, AD, Azure, Sharepoint, Teams

Basic Small to Medium Size Business Services:

    • Hardware and software installation
    • Malware,Spyware,Virus, and Trojan removal from localized network and machines
    • Consulting Services regarding the Web, Internet community, websites, and computing basics
    • All basic computer needs as well as networked designed software issues and solutions

Basic Home Services are:

    • Computer issues with upgrading to a new platform or hardware installation
    • Spyware, adware, BHO, and virus-removal and clean
    • Windows Installation, Office products, anti-virus and anti-spyware

These are just a few of the services provided. Of course we can provide you with up to date knowledge on the web and the direction of the web, in relation to the services the internet provides. For example web 2.0 ideas, blogging, webcasts, podcasts, v blogs, and anything computer oriented.

Please contact us with any questions.

Lars Kensit K&A Director

(416) 722-7244

Kensit & Associates IT Solutions for Dealer Systems and Computer Systems Management