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Antiviral LINKS and TOOLS to detect and disinfect Malware                       


As of common knowledge, the Internet is an excellent source of information, pictures, music, software, blogs, tips and tricks a.s.o.
However, there are a lot of 'not-so-nice' guys out there too, tryin' to steal your banking information and credit card number, passwords or your computers address book, as well as using your computer for hacking purposes like flooding, spamming, Ddos-attacks and stuff like that, not mentioning planting viruses and trojans, just to cause a major vast of trouble for any user that surfs in to their website, either deliberately or by accident.

A good practice is to use several tools for cleaning up viruses, spyware and rootkits, since the tools work in different ways, some better some not THAT good, but still. Don't hesitate to scan with two, three or even four different tools, just to be sure.

In the right hand pane you can find a bunch of useful links to on-line virus scanners, ditto spyware scanners/cleaners and free antivirus software, and there's more to come!  In a near future I will put up some links to free firewalls aswell. Pop in every now and then for updates! 

Useful links

On-Line Virus Scanners:

a2 (A-Squared)
Computer Associates (InnoculateIT)
Panda Software
Symantec (Norton)
TrendMicro (PC-Cillin)

Spyware/Malware Cleaners and Detectors: ($ = Shareware)

a2 HiJack Free (For advanced users!)
Ad-Aware Personal
Arovax Shield
Ewido (On-line scanner)
Hitman Pro
PestPatrol On-line scanner
PestPatrol ($)
RootKit Revealer
Spybot S&D
Spyware Blaster
Windows Defender

Free Antivirus Software:

Active Virus Shield
AntiVir Personal Edition
a2 Free
avast! 4 Home Edition
AVG Free
PC Tools

Free Firewalls:

Agnitum Outpost
C·O·M·O·D·O Personal Firewall
FileSecLab Personal Firewall
PC Tools Firewall Plus
R-Tools R-Firewall
Sunbelt Kerio
Zone Alarm

Free Vulnerability Scans:

DSL Reports
Leak Test
Retina NetAPI Scanner
Shields UP!!