Amarok Weekly Newsletter - Issue 2

Rok 'n roll (24.11.2006) 

Issue 2:


iTunes ratings support

Aaron Cooper asked on forums for a way to import his ratings from iTunes into Amarok:

I've been searching through the forum for a good half hour and I haven't found anything that solves my problem.

I've been rating and playing my songs in iTunes for the last few months and have logged several thousand "listens" and rated ~7000 songs. I just recently switch to Kubuntu and amaroK, and was looking for a way to import the ratings and playcounts from my iTunes library XML file so I don't have to redo all that work.

Are there any tools available to do this or are there any SQL gurus out there who can write up a set of commands I can run on my amarok db to apply the ratings/playcounts found in my iTunes XML?

After some period of inactivity, he replied to himself:

I got my roomate to write up a Python script to do this. Currently, it imports ratings, playcounts, and he set the createdate/accessdate to today's date. It requires some formatting of your iTunes XML file (removing the junk at the beginning and trimming the playlists at the end), but it did a great job once that was taken care of.

His script quickly became very popular, and many replies followed:

Seb Ruiz:

fantastic! this is definitely something that should be extrapolated some more into a fully fledged script


I decided to work out a "full" perl script to do this. Its a little messy, but it works (for me). It imports user ratings, play counts, date added, date last played, and even generates a score based on rating and play count.


Showing stars in Collection Browser

Daniel Faust made a patch for "Flat" mode of Collection Browser, which replaces numeric Rating representation with nice stars:

I played a bit around and made a patch, that displays stars in the rating
column of the collectionbrowser.
Currently there are just numbers displayed, that are twice bigger than the
rating "as stars". This is not very nice.
I don't know, if the way I made the patch is "save", but maybe someone could
have a look at it.

Patch is available here.


Initial Shoutcast support

Thanks to Adam Pigg, support for Shoutcast streams made it's way into Amarok. You can browse them nicely in Playlist Browser:

This functionality will be available in next version of Amarok, and in the meantime you can grab a fresh version from SVN and test it.


Volume slider in OSD

Alexander Bechikov sent a patch for displaying volume slider in OSD:

Patch is available here.


Restoring menubar

Some, especially non-KDE, users have problems with restoring menubar after clicking "Hide Menubar" from "Settings" menu. Same happend to Hans de Hartog:

[...] I was playing around with it and
managed to get rid of my menubar :-(
How do I ever, ever get it back?
[...] I'm running gentoo.
And Windowmaker as windowmanager.
And no kde or gnome stuff.

Nick Tryon (among others) explained it a bit:

Ctrl+M is a fairly common shortcut for showing/hiding the menubar in
KDE apps (not that this little bit of information helps someone who
isn't used to the conventions that KDE apps use).

To see what other shortcuts Amarok has, try Settings > Configure Shortcuts (and
Settings > Configure Global Shortcuts too). This is another thing
very common in KDE-based apps.

Mark Kretschmann added:

Note that if you hide the menubar, an additional Amarok icon shows up on the
right side of your main toolbar. Clicking it, you get an option to show the
menubar again.