Amarok Weekly Newsletter - Issue 10

Hot Rokin' (18.09.2007)

After a lengthy summer break, the AWN is back. Today's topics are:

Overview of some new features

Amarok 2 is a major redesign in both underlying structure and user interface. Let's take a brief look at some of the changes:

New toolbar

Amarok 2, like many KDE 4 programs, has started to make extensive use of SVG graphics. Using vector graphics in the user interface adds a new level of flexibility, and makes theming more exciting. Here is a preview of the new toolbar, featuring a SVG background:

Please keep in mind that this is still work in progress, which will continue to improve. But it still looks quite nice, even now.

Sidebar buttons

Sidebar buttons are also displayed using SVG technology.

Internet services

With a dedicated full time developer, Amarok's Internet service integration improves steadily. We have Magnatune, Jamendo, Shoutcast and MP3Tunes Locker services in various states of completion. And with a robust service framework adding the new ones will be easy!

Read more about Internet services on Nikolaj's blog.

Progress Manager integration

One of the exciting new features of KDE4 is the Progress Manager, an application which shows progress of all ongoing tasks across the desktop, like CD burning, and file copying. Amarok uses the appropriate API, so its time consuming tasks, like updating the Magnatune database, are being properly displayed. Take a look:

Isn't it great?

New playlist

Ian's work has resulted in the completely new infrastructure for the playlist. Based on the powerful QGraphicsView, it marks the beginning of the new concept in playlist management. Most work so far has been done in the underlying structure, and important features like playing the music and advancing to the next track :). After the basics are done, more interesting bits will follow. But even in it's unfinished state, the new playlist features cover display, and smooth animations:

Context View

It has been decided that the central part of the Amarok's window will occupy the Context View, providing all kinds of contextual information about currently played music. The technology behind this will be the famous Plasma. Currently the Context View isn't much to look at, as both Plasma and the Context View are under heavy development. Aaron Seigo and Geordi La Forge are hard at work restoring Plasma Containment.

A lot of work is invested in Context View and Plasma, so expect the great experience and lots of 3rd party Amarok applets!

So, to sum everything up, here's a full-sized screenshot of the current Amarok. Enjoy!

Call for artists

The Amarok team is happy to welcome our new artist, Lee Olson. Results of his work are already visible in many parts of Amarok. If you'd like to join too, help out, and have your name displayed in the prime FLOSS music player, then wait no more! Join us at #amarok on Freenode, or send a mail to the Amarok mailing list.

Jingle Contest

The Amarok 2 Jingle contest is still ongoing! We're awaiting your submissions and the prize is waiting for the winner...

Cool tips: Bluetooth and Amarok

Seb Ruiz posted instructions on how to control Amarok with a mobile phone using a Bluetooth connection.

Ever since I’ve received my new phone, bluetooth has excited me. To be honest, the notion of being able to control my pc from the phone was the exciting aspect. Ever wondered how to do this? Let me elaborate. Read more...