Amarok media device dialog

My proposal for new interface of media device dialog  


Amount of media devices  supported by Amarok grows with every release. Dialog for managing those devices currently looks like this:

My proposal is mainly based on XFCE's "Add applet" dialog (yeah, GTK, so what?), similiar to my previous design of Statistics Tool ( It's just a quick sketch, showing the base idea. Here it is:

What do we have here is a list of currently available (previously added) devices. Every device is represented with an icon (different for different types of players), user defined name, and a type (tied with icon). Buttons on the bottom are used for autodetecting devices, and adding a new device. Buttons used for removing and configuring (or "editing") the device should be placed under the right-click menu (with an optional keyboard shortcut). 

Rest of mediadevice-related dialogs (adding and configuring device) should remain the same, as there is no much space for improvement.