Mrs. Rieben's Class

Reader's Workshop 

Our class works in five different centers during our reading workshop.  The teacher asks a reading group to wait on the carpet and the remaining children make a choice of where they will work.  The teacher writes their choices on a class list.  In my class, the kids complete all five choices and a reading group.  It may take us two days to get everyone through all the choices, as we only get to three or four choices a day.  When the six choices are completed, we start over.  In between choices, we share what we worked on in our centers. This is a great opportunity for mini-lessons as the children share their work.  This sharing time is very motivating to the children-they know they will show their work to all their friends.  It also allows the teacher to be sure the children are spending their time wisely.  We go around the circle and let the children share. In the beginning of the year, it only takes about 5 minutes.  By the end of the year, it can take 10 minutes (they are writing more!).  Then another reading group stays with me and the rest of the kids make another choice.  I also use this time to meet with individual children. 

The five choices the children have are:






Animal  Ideas


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