AR Assignments

Character Suitcase Description

Due Date: September 28th
What's Due?  Read below!

This project is based on the book students are reading for A.R. The project will be due on Sept. 28th.  Students will bring in 10 items to represent the main character and the plot of the story.  There should be a variety of items.  If a student can’t find an item to represent a person or event, he/she may draw the item.  However, there shouldn’t be more than three items that are drawn/one dimensional.  Students will describe each item as to how it relates to the story/character.  The events and character information should be told in the order they happened in the book.  For example, for the book Frindle, I brought a cameo pin and explained that Mrs. Granger always dressed primly and wore a cameo pin.  I brought a small dictionary because that was Mrs. Granger’s favorite book.  I brought a pen because that was the item that started the word war.  The project will be modeled for students, and they will be provided with a “suitcase”.

To view the rubric for this project, please open the file listed below!

Sep 12, 2012, 10:02 AM