Some books I have co-authored:

  Barron's Clep by Ruth S. Ward, David Boc... Product Details

I have placed all of the files for Honors Chem (or most of them anyhow and I'll try to get

any I missed) on the website mediafire.  You can click here

to see them. They are organized by groups and are mostly in chronological order. I posted

files for PJAS, The PowerPoint notes for the class, The Labs for the class and a smattering

of other items (how to get a letter of recommendation from me, the element-a-day notes,

etc.). The files are also below, but this gives you another place to get them. I'll try to use

both but lately it has been difficult to add files to my googlepage so this may be what I

use in the future. Drop.io is being discontinued as a site (bought by Facebook!). We'll try

MediaFire and see how it goes. Of course, the files are also on the main webpage.

Here you can learn far more than you need to know about me

And slide rules  

and things I have published on slide rules (there's more if you really are interested)

Here is info on some books I think everyone should read.

Hey- My students have been putting some videos of demos up on youtube:

1) Here is my video of the "floating bowling ball" (thanks Jared K!)
2) Here is my video of "alkali metals in water" (thanks Brianna S!)
3) Here is my video of "oxidizing glucose with potassium chlorate "(thanks Emily S!)

All sorts of interesting stuff related to chemistry, slide rules and who knows what else!

Before Chemistry Class          ---------------->                        After Chemistry Class

Chess Database

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Need to know what's going on in the world and why? All you need are Dilbert and Doonesbury . They'll pretty much explain all the decision making processes going on, either in Washington or where you work.

Periodic Table

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My Current Year Schedule is here

The Basics of Academic Chem are here

The Basics of Honors Chem are here

Here is my page for Academic Physical Science (I'm not teaching Physical Science in 2011-2012)

All sorts of helpful handouts can be found here

(mostly realted to chemistry)

And all sorts of useful weblinks are here

(again, mostly related to chemistry)

Click here to go to Sapphire and check grades

Here are the Honors Chem Labs

If you missed the element or molecules of the day look at

the attachments below. The first half is for hydrogen

through strontium and the second half for everything else. It

might be easier to get the notes from a classmate but this

gives you another option.

Here are the Honors Chem and Academic Chem PowerPoint Notes

Here is a daily update of what's going on in class

All about PJAS (including handouts and timelines)

Info on letters of recommendation

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