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Skilled Craftsman available for your home or business projects. Store fronts, retail display, offices, libraries, kitchens, cabinets of all kinds, passage doors, windows, one of a kind furniture. Proficient subcontractor in roofing, framing, painting, flooring, concrete work, 2& 3d drafting, & handyman work. Will work as one man or have hand selected subcontractors to take on very LARGE projects. Possess fully equipped cabinet shop. Will sand, rip, cut, shape your order, small or large orders. Experienced in new construction, remodeling, custom cabinetry, architectural mill-work, woodwork design. 40 years in business. Have knowledge, license, workers comp & liability insurance, references. Also full set of hand & power tools for wide range of on-site projects. Have & can built custom homes from the ground up. Well rounded in medium to ultra high-end residential & tenant improvement retail constr!uction. Actively buy, fix, & sell residential real estate. Need to sell your home Call
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 Walnut galley kitchen
    This walnut galley kitchen job was given to me by a wonderful woman who is one of those people that make’s cabinet building really worthwhile. We worked well together on a large previous project. She was the final approval on a wall by wall interior woodwork designs I drew with for her daughter’s home.
     Jay asked me, “ after your done with my daughter’s job, would you build a kitchen for me, I’m in no hurry”? “Of coarse I would.” I looked forward to designing her something very special. Jay’s only real instruction was, “ I would like this side to look like antique period furniture, and this other side to look more like fine cabinetry. She had me pick the wood & the style.
     My dad called me one morning and proclaimed, “The big Walnut nearest the bridge fell into the canal, come & fish it out.” So I did, had it rough slabbed, dried it out in the shop for 6 months, and used part on Jay’s kitchen. The tree was a awesome South American Walnut with extreme fiddle back & depth of grain. You know the kind of grain that look’s 3 “ deep.
    It is truly a pleasure to work with considerate & kindhearted clients.
Thanks's Jay,    John


Chippendale Stereo/ TV Cabinet



LJ Cabinetry
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