Unit 1: Nature of Science

Unit Summary:
   During this unit we learned what Nature of Science is. It is a process of gaining knowledge through observation and expirimentation. We also learned the diffrence between hypothesis, laws, and theories. Hypothesis are a prediction or an explination that needs further testing but its based on evidence. A theory is a well tested explination that has been confiremed many times by many people and is based on evidence Lastly a law is a well tested set of observations that have been confirmed many times by many people and its based on evidence. We also learned about the Metric System. The Metric System  is a system of measurement used around the world that is based on the number ten. The measurements are: Kilo = 1000, Base Unit = 1, Centi = .01, Milli = 0.001. The base units would be Length = meter, Mass = gram, Volume = litter (liquid), Temperature = celcius. Adding to the above we also learned the diffrence between Length, Volume, Mass, Temperature, and Heat. Also we learned about Accuracy and Percision. 
    During this unit we did a lot of labs. The most current lab is the Accuracy and  Precision Lab. This lab was to get practice on the math system on how to find accuracy and presicion. Basicly the way you find accuracy is that you take the experimental value - the true value then you divide it by the true value. The way to measure precision is by taking the diffrence between three points and divide by 3. The second most current lab we did was the Temperature Lab. In this lab we had to get in order according to the temperature of our hands. After we got in order we took our actual temperature with a Temperature Probe and compared which had a more accurate guess if the boys of girls.  The second to las lab we did was a Human Demensions Lab. What we had to do in this lab was that we were going to test the theory that says that your wingspan is the same as your height and you forearm the same as your foot length.The first lab we did was name The Black Box Demo. This lab was to show us how scientist work. We found out that scientist dont really know whats going on in the investigation they are working on. They just go based on the observations they have. kjgbod
Image and Explination
Thermal Equilibrium
The picture on your left is an example of Thermal Equilibrium.Thermal Equilibrium is when two substances are equal of the same temperature. For example you may ask why ice-cubes are cold? You may say its because they were in the freezer. Well the reason is because when you put your hand on the ice-cube your hand is transfering heat and since your loosing heat you feel the coldness of the ice-cube. Another question you may ask is Why do you wear a jacket when its cold out? The reason is because the jacket prevents the heat that you have in your body to get out and convert into coldness. An important thing that you should remember is that coldness is never transfered ony heat. This is what Thermal Equilibrium is.
Current Event
Thr Great Leonid Meteor Shower
    The picture on the right is a picture of The Great Leonid Meteor Shower.
The Great Leonid Meteor Storm is when lots of meteors go accros the sky.
This year is the 45th aniversary of The Great Leonid Meter Storm of 1996.
Usually the The Great Leonid Meter Storm comes on November 18th of every
year where meteors are flying accross the sky every hour. They say that its
six meteors per minute. This happens when the planet goes through dust left
behind from the comet Temple-Tuttle. The article is just a story of a boy who
was waiting to see the meteor shower but it didnt happen because the sky was
to cloudy. Then one day came were the sky was clearing and the saw all the
meteors. However it was getting so bright that you couldnt see the stars anymore
which ment that you couldnt see the meteors anymore. Ending the artcle it says
that the Earth would pass through severla dusty clouds that comet Temple-Tuttle
left behind in the years 1699, 1767, 1866, 1932. We  could get a chance to see
meteors fall at the rate of hundreds per hour. We will have to wait untill then. Or
maybe a challenge would come upon us. You will never know.
    I belive that this article is related to our unit because even when old events 
happen we still remember them now a days. Also it could be related to the unit 
because in every lab we did we  we had to make observations, and we make
observations all the time. Through this article you can tell that its not just scientist
that make obervations, its the whole world. Even the smallest things can be notice
we just dont bother to look at them. Abyways this article also shows that even though
The Great Leonid Meteor Shower is very old people still remember and are expecting
it every year, well if we are lucky to have a clear sky. Things from way back are still
remembered now a days and are going to continue to be remembered for as long as
we live. This is what I think this article relates to our unit.
Unit Documents:

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Temperature Lab Jaqui, Lordes, Karla, Katia_17