Comments I've Received

Here's a few comments I've received on my work --some grammar has been changed to protect the innocent.

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New Spawns

About My Custom Commission Work:

"I love the legwarmers and the hood they both look great! :) "



"Thank you so much for the shoes !!

They arrived right on time!"

 --Joyce & Chris Jr


"Thank you! I recieved the sandals today they're great! Just wanted to say thanks."



"You did a great job on the costume, and it fit and looked great! ...Thanks so much for a great job :) "



"The Temari costume is amazing!!  You are very talented!  It fits perfectly and Sadie could not be more thrilled!
Thank you so much!"
--Shawn & Sadie


About the Naruto Sandal Tutorial:

"Just dropping a line to say thanks for the great Naruto sandals tutorial.  I'm getting an early start on my Kankuro costume for FanimeCon 07, and your tutorial pretty much beats everything else I've seen.  Any chance we'll see a Kankuro hat tutorial in the future?  ...Just kidding.  :P
Love your costumes!"
"Thank you soooooooooo much for your help! I greatly appreciate it! Oh, many people refer to your ingenius sandal tutorial, thats how I knew about it. In addition, I love all of your other prop tutorials as well! I'm sorry if I'm going all fan-boy on you, but you are the greatest. And again I thank you for your advice and the creation of the sandal tutorial!"
"Your "Naruto Sandal Tutorial" was so helpful!!! Me and my friend are making costumes and this will make them so true to Naruto.  I'm going to make a Kankuro costume and my friend is making a Kabuto costume. You've been a big help!!! " 
--James   ^_^


"I loved your naruto shoe tutorial its awsome, especally the added section the sand ninja shoes couldn't find that anywhere, going to try and make Rock Lee and Kankuro ones this week."

"Omg, thank you sooooooooooo much for your Naruto Sandal Tutorial!!! I have been making Halloween costumes for my two kids (now 17 & 13) for their entire lives. Whatever they want that I can’t find a pattern for, I work out by inventing my own pattern (like you’ve done here) or making adjustments to the closest pattern I can find, or blending patterns…  sometimes this takes hours… and hours… and hours… and hours… and sometimes results in a failure or two before getting it right.

We’re going to our first convention this weekend as Hinata, Shino, and (if time allows) Kurenai. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post your tutorial! I am certain it has saved me a load of time working out the details as well as materials since I’m pretty sure that it would have taken more than one attempt to get it right.

Anyway, my sincere thanks to you for your thorough descriptions and great pics! You are a sewing and creative goddess!"