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Sire: Jade Treasure of Forbidden Name

Yellow Turquoise Bicolor Double-Ray Crowntail



Dame: She Who Imprisons the Fullness of Black Orchids

Red-Loss Royal Blue & Black Marble Double-Ray Crowntail 

(I know, she looks like hell -it's a terrible pic, and she's all beaten up from spawning)


Hatch date: 3/29/06


Here are some pics of a few of the babies at 3 months old (I'll post more pics as I find the time to wrangle the feisty buggers into giving me a good shot):


Male #1: Royal Blue/Red/Black Multi Double-Ray CT. Yes, his red actually is that vivid. All pics were taken without a flash. (Sorry, I'm probably going to keep him)


Male #2(Sold to Declan): Royal Blue DR CT. His left ventral is black, and the right ventral is red. It's hard to see in this pic, but he's developing a nice black butterfly pattern.


Male #3: Turquoise SR-DR CT with strong Red-Loss. The color on this boy is just fantastic, his fin proportions are really nice and his rays are strong and straight. He's also starting to get a white BF pattern on the tips of his rays. It's too bad a couple of rays in his caudal are unevenly split.


Male #4: Turquoise DR CT with Red-Loss. This boy was very resistant to flaring while being photographed, but I like his strong dorsal.


Male #5: Turquoise/Red Bicolor DR CT. This guy has nice straight rays and good form overall.


Male #6 (Sold to Chantel): Turquoise/White/Black Multi DR CT with strong Red-Loss. I just love the colors. This spawn produced a couple multis like this.


Male #7: Royal Blue/White/Black Marble DR CT. This boy is finning out a bit slowly, but I'm not complaining. His broad dorsal is admirable and check out his caudal spread!


Male #8: Here's a turquoise/red/black multi DR CT. His color separation isn't quite as good as his brother's, but still stunning, as you can see.


Male #9: Black/White Marble DR CT. He has a bit of blue irid wash, but he's the only classic marble from the batch.


Male #10 (Sold to Declan): And yet another turquoise/red/black multi DR CT. This boy has the best finnage of the multis.



Female #1(sold to Chantel): Turquoise Marble DR CT. This female is the best of the marble girls. I think her lips are cute.


Female #2: Blue/Red Multi DR CT. Nice broad dorsal.


Female #3: Blue/Red Multi DR CT. She's probably gonna be my keeper since she has the best color separation, but there are a couple females like this that are really hard to tell apart.



Female #4 (Sold to Declan): Turquoise DR CT with Red-Loss. The rays in her anal fin are very even. The tear in her dorsal is from community living. :(


Female #5: Royal Blue & Marble Black DR CT with strong Red-Loss. The tear in her anal fin is also from community living. She'd probably pair well with male #2.