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Even though I hadn't updated this page in a year and a half, I'm still getting requests for commissions. So, to put this issue to rest,

I am not open to do commissions at this time, or in the foreseeable future.

I am incredibly busy finishing my degree in fashion design and just don't have the time right now to do commissions. Also, since I am working on building my professional portfolio as a designer, I would much rather work on things that I've designed myself.



Okay, quick update.

 There will be no more Naruto Sandal Commissions from me until further notice.

I will still make a pair of sandals as part of a commission for the rest of a costume, though. It's too cold outside now paint with vinyl (and my roommates don't appreciate the stinky paint smell inside). Also, after 15 or so pair, I'm a little bored with making them. (And I should probably be spending more time on class projects) In a few days I'll have updates on my Halloween endeavors.



Woo hoo! I won best in category! Unfortunately, I don't have very good pictures to show for it yet.


Alrighty, time to catch my breath. After recovering from Gen Con, and getting caught up on all the things I need to get done before the new semester starts on Monday, I finally have time to do costume stuff again. If you emailed me in the past couple of weeks and I haven't gotten back to you, don't worry. I have your message flagged and I'm gonna try to answer it this week.




The Madness!


Uff da! Wow, I've only been doing commissions for a few months and the response has been overwhelming -literally. I'll be gone to GenCon August 9-13, so I'm taking the next 3 weeks off to catch my breath and work on my own costume.

So if you need something done in the next month -too bad! Don't worry, I'm still taking requests for the next couple months, just keep in mind my usual time frame of 3 weeks will be temporarily extended until I catch up with requests I've already received and I may be a little slow in responding to emails.


Now, pray that I get Hinoto done in time.



After 3 months, my first spawn of exotic bettas has grown up and they are almost ready to leave the house. Check out pictures of the offspring on my New Spawns Page.



Click here for the much-anticipated, easy, 37-step Naruto Sandal Tutorial!


Yes, I realize the 37 steps isn't exactly simple. However, I tried to make every step small and easy to follow.


For those of you who aren't very handy with a sewing machine and hot glue gun, or don't want to go through the pain in butt of making your own shoes, and still want a pair of Naruto Sandals, email Liz to request a commission.

I am currently charging $25 plus shipping (usually $4.05) for a pair of Naruto Sandals up to size 12 in men's (women's 14). Larger sizes are unavailable until the larger sizes of flip-flop are restocked in my area.