Chaotic Kiwi (Demo)

A game demo created as part of a University project, this version is primarily a 'proof of concept' of an overall game idea. 

A few notes: This is my first game created using the Stencyl software (free version). 
All the graphics, code and game design has been created by myself, but the sounds are from the very talent people at Glitch

This was a self directed project and I have to thank the wonderful and knowledgeable people in the Stencyl community for the tutorials, forum posts and game examples on StencylForge, as without them I would not have known where to start with this game creation tool. I am proud of what I have achieved here, especially with the lack of coding ability I started with, as at the end of this project I had only used a few 'built in' behaviors that come with Stencyl. Ideally I want to expand and progress this game idea further and have plans on doing so and the end of term, updates about this project will be posted to my blog: Dream Development.