Web resources

Elizabeth J. Meyer, Ph.D

Here are a few websites that have high quality information for educators working to address bias based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation. For a more regularly updated listing, visit my social bookmarking site: delicious.com/lizjmeyer and use the various tags on the right hand menu to search for newly added sites!

Educational advocacy organizations

www.glsen.org - The Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network is a US-based education and advocacy organization with extensive resources (including lesson plans, book & video lists, tool kits to start a Gay-Straight Alliance, and model school policies) for teachers and administrators working to reduce homophobia in schools.

www.hrc.org/welcomingschools - The Human Rights Campaign has developed a new curriculum to assist K-5 schools interested in addressing diversity issues.  Includes specific lessons and resources on how to talk about LGBT families and gender diversity.

www.egale.ca - EGALE is a Canadian advocacy organization that has an education committe that is working to promote safer schools in Canada. Related sites hosted by EGALE:

http://groundspark.org/ This film organization has created some invaluable resources to use with teachers and students around issues of gender and sexual diversity including: It's Elementary: Talking about gay and lesbian issues in schools, That's a Family!, Let`s Get Real, and Straitlaced: How Gender`s got us all tied up.

www.media-awareness.ca/english/ The Media Awareness Network has valuable lesson plans and resources for teachers using popular culture and technology in the classroom to promote critical thinking and literacy skills.

www.mediaed.org The Media Education Foundation produces a series of educational documentaries on a wide array of subjects including a rich selection of materials on gender, sex, sexuality and representations in the media. 

 www.galebc.org The Pride Education Network (formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Educators of British Columbia) has compiled a very rich and detailed list of resources and information for teachers, families, and administrators.

Research reports available on forms of gendered harassment in schools:

www.aauw.org/research/all.cfm - The American Association of University Women has put out a series of very detailed reports on sexual harassment in U.S. schools

www.safeschoolscoalition.org/RG-reports.html The Safe Schools Coalition in Washington State has compiled a very thorough list of research resources available on the web many of which focus on homophobic harassment.

www.casafeschools.org/ The California Safe Schools Coalition provides valuable research on various forms of harassment in schools including harassment for "gender non-conformity"

www.egale.ca EGALE supported the publication of the first national study conducted by researchers at the University of Winnipeg on homophobia and transphobia in Canadian schools. 

http://familyproject.sfsu.edu/home The Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University has published several compelling articles on the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment for LGBT youth. It can provide an important buffering effect against bullying and rejection at school, and the absence of support is predictive of negative health outcomes.