Zhihua Li

BEADS lab lead

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Research Interests

Decision under Risk and Ambiguity, Reference Dependent Decisions, Intertemporal Decision Making,

Strategic Decision Making, Rationality and Nudge, Social Influence on Decision Making

Statistics: R, Python

Others: PHP&MySQL, HTML, LaTex


The Rich Domain of Uncertainty Explored, (2018), Management Science, 64(7): 3227-3240.

With Julia Muller, Peter P. Wakker, Tong Wang

Attitudes to Uncertainty in a Strategic Setting, (2017), The Economic Journal, 127(601): 809-826.

With Graham Loomes, Ganna Pogrebna

Improving One's Choices by Putting Oneself in Others' Shoes – An Experimental Analysis, (2017), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 54(1): 1-13 (opening article).

With Kirsten I.M. Rohde, Peter P. Wakker

If Nudge Cannot Be Applied: A Litmus Test of the Readers' Stance on Paternalism, (2014), Theory and Decision, 76(3): 297-315.

With Chen Li, Peter P. Wakker

Working papers

Prior Incentive System: A New Approach to Improve the Implementation of Individual Choice Experiments (under review Journal of Risk and Uncertainty)

With Cathleen Johnson, Aurelien Baillon, Han Bleichrodt, Dennie van Dolder, Peter P. Wakker

Reference Dependence in Intertemporal Preference [link to paper] (Submitted to Management Science)

With Songfa Zhong

Exploration of Bayesianism in Ambiguity with different experimental implementation

With Ganna Pogrebna

Revisiting the Diagnosis of Intertemporal Preference Reversals (Reject & Resubmit Management Science)

With Graham Loomes

Work in Progress

Preference towards Compound Lottery

With Graham Loomes, Ganna Pogrebna, Uzi Segal

Temporal Reference

With Chen Li

Imprecise beliefs and belief updating under ambiguity

With Andrea Isoni, Graham Loomes

Reference Effect across Domains

With Arthur Attema