liza kollman, writer.  

"art is the truth of the world itself. the enemy of art is the lie." -- dennis lehane

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i write because to write is to exist.

i write for the moments of pure and undiluted truth that exist in the shallow crevices which separate this universe from the next

i write so that my voice may join with the unaccompanied chorus of creation and may be heard, loud and strong and full of life

i write so that my muses may speak through me, and for the chance that their tales may finally be told

i write so that those with no voice of their own may have their ideas spoken aloud and may find solice in the concept that they are not alone

i write for justice

i write for sorrow

i write for happiness

i write because writing is what i have always had, what i will always have, and what i wish to give to the future

i write for sunsets and clear ocean breezes and popsicles and music and love

i write because to write is to exist