Trash the Dress
Glen Echo Park, Maryland

Photos by A Britton Photography

We chose Glen Echo Park for our "trash the dress" photo shoot.  I think the term has become a little more general... in our case, it was simply a non-traditional bridal session.  (My dress got dirty, but certainly not "trashed".) Our wedding photos were more traditional-- a lot of couples go for a  journalistic style, but we wanted to get a lot of the standard posed photos with each other and our families.  For us, the TTD shoot was a way to get some non-traditional shots in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.  Also, since our wedding was in the summer, I thought it would be nice to get some fall photos.  So, the concept for our TTD shoot was born!

We loved this old train car that was right below the art deco entrance sign.

Here is a video clip with some of our TTD photos:


The carousel lights made a great backdrop for photos.

The park has a lot of these fun old-time amusement park buildings. 

The park also has a wooded area and creek that was great for autumn colors.

 More of our TTD photos can also be viewed on our photographer's blog.
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