Marimba Players – Energy, Honest, Vusani

Vusani has done all his schooling at KGVI.  He has partial hearing and uses sign language and can lip read and hear some Ndebele and English.   He has always played the bass marimba for the band but has to concentrate on hitting the correct keys and as such his stage appearance is of someone quite serious.  Vusani has a certain amount of hearing but his first means of communicating is by sign language.  Both Tapiwa and Farai are skilled at communicating with him. 

Bass marimba

• Bass marimba for Liyana and for the public show presented at Bulawayo theatre in March.
• Recording of CD of 5 songs with present band – Liyana
• Traditional and modern dancing with other hearing impaired students
• With the band Liyana, won the prize of a tour of Sweden in the international Music Crossroads competition in May 2006.
• Recording of CD of 12 original songs with present band – Liyana