Tapiwa Nyengera
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Tapiwa came to KGVI School for his secondary education.  His home language is Shona although he now sings fluently in Ndebele as well.  He has a good strong voice for backing vocals and can also sing on his own.  He did a very popular version of the song “Mr Lonely” for the KGVI show in March 2006.  He has Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair but is totally independent.

Piano and electronic keyboard
Song adaptations and song writing
Back-up vocalist
Sign language interpreter
Organising his fellow band members
Public relations

• Piano solos at small public shows in Bulawayo.
• Some song writing.
• Solo and backing singing for Liyana and for the public show presented at Bulawayo theatre in March.
• Work with deaf students to produce both traditional and foreign dances for the above show.  He was the interpreter in sign language.  He also joined them for one dance in his wheelchair.
• Excellent compére work for the show – he worked out a very good relationship with the audience.
• With the band Liyana, won the prize of a tour of Sweden in the international Music Crossroads competition in May 2006.
• Recording of CD of 12 original songs with present band – Liyana