Prudence Mabhena
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         Prudence Mabhena – lead vocalist


See a documentary on her on Youtube

Prudence was at KGVI School for both her primary and secondary education.  Her home language is Ndebele although she is fluent in Shona as well.  She joined the Inkonjane group in 2002 as the main singer. She has a beautiful singing voice with a wide pitch range.  She is also able to compose songs on a wide range of topics.  Her songs cover such topics as gospel, love, AIDS and even clothes. She enjoys incorporating the Ndebele clicks into her songs and has written two ‘click’ songs which are always firm favourites.  Prudence has deep religious belief and to see and hear her singing these songs is a very moving experience.

Prudence has both parents and a step mother but none of them have any interest in her or her singing as they only see her as a burden because of her disability.  She left school at the end of 2005 and has been supported by KGVI since then in return for singing lessons for the students.  Prudence has Arthrogryphosis and is totally dependent on assistance.  She has an electric wheelchair which she can move herself if her hand is placed on the operating stick.

Amazing singing voice with good range
Can sing songs in 7 languages – Ndebele, English Shona, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Spanish
Song composing and adaptations
Assisting younger students with singing and dancing

• Production and performance of CD – Never
• Various musical awards in Bulawayo region for performances as Inkonjane
• Writing of songs for Ms Malaika competition
• Help in production of dramatic video to be used in AIDS education of deaf people in Zimbabwe – Prudence wrote and performed the songs
• Acting in above video and also several plays
• Public solo singing performances for other organisations – Rotary, Island Hospice
• Main singer for the CD made in conjunction with the Bahai Church.
• Working with deaf students to produce both traditional and foreign dances
• Encouraging and teaching younger students during singing practises.
• Work in Switzerland with Hora Theatre - October 2004 to Jan 2005.
• At the end of 2005 she was invited to sing with a well known Mexican opera singer Encarnación Vázquez who was visiting Bulawayo.  Prudence learnt a Spanish song in one day and that same evening sang in duet with the opera singer – a very impressive performance.
• With the band Liyana, won the prize of a tour of Sweden in the international Music Crossroads competition in May 2006.
• Recording of CD of 12 songs with present band – Liyana – most of the songs were written by Prudence herself.