Marvelous Mbulo
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Vocalists – Prudence & Marvelous

Marvelous came to KGVI School for his secondary education.  His home language is Shona.  He was one of the founder members of the Arts programme at the school and started singing with a fellow student from the age of 13. He and Pharis Mashava were the original members of the Inkonjane group who were later joined by Prudence.  Most of the songs were written or adapted by the students themselves.  The music of Inkonjane was totally unaccompanied but they provided their own rhythm and background sounds.   He left school in 2003 and occupied himself at home with art work and with organising local school children in the production of dramas on AIDS issues.  He was brought back to KGVI to assist with the new band.  Marvelous has Muscular Dystrophy but can manage to do most things for himself if he is lifted in and out of his wheelchair. 

Vocalist – solo and as background harmoniser
Song composing and song adaptations
Acting and script writing
Disc jockey work

• Production and performance of CD – Never
• Various musical awards in Bulawayo region for performances as Inkonjane
• Writing of songs for Ms Malaika competition
• Help in production of dramatic video to be used in AIDS education of deaf people in Zimbabwe – (Dancing with Danger)
• Acting in above video and also several plays
• DJ and public announcer for school events
• Attending an international arts workshop in Greece for people with disabilities
• Production of play on AIDS with students from schools in his home town of Chegutu.
• With the band Liyana, won the prize of a tour of Sweden in the international Music Crossroads competition in May 2006.
• Recording of CD of 12 original songs with present band – Liyana