Farai Mabhande
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Farai on keyboard

Farai came to KGVI School for his secondary education.  He is fluent in Ndebele and Shona.  He is an orphan and has very little family support.  He enjoys playing the piano and electric keyboard and is the most dedicated of all the band members at practising on his own.  He plays the keyboard kneeling on a chair and his twisted hands do not affect the skill of his performance.  Farai has Arthrogryphosis and is in a wheelchair but is totally independent.

Electronic keyboard and piano
Very quick to pick up new songs and at adaptation

• Piano solos at small public shows in Bulawayo.
• Electronic keyboard for Liyana and for the public show presented at Bulawayo theatre in March.
• Recording of CD of 5 songs with present band – Liyana
• With the band Liyana, won the prize of a tour of Sweden in the international Music Crossroads competition in May 2006.
• Recording of CD of 12 original songs with present band – Liyana