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Liyana - Coming to America!!!

What really kept us busy this term was the filming of the documentary about Liyana. The fact that we were able to bring three American film makers into the country just before the June elections was a miracle and required the services of several people in high places! Twice they were nearly deported but somehow everything sorted itself out and they were here for two months. During that time we were followed round by a very fancy camera recording our every action, word, and even thought! The band members were all interviewed several times and were incredibly frank about the problems they experienced growing up as disabled people in Zimbabwe. As Marvelous puts it – ‘

every disabled person has a story to tell’. The film when it is finally released will definitely be a tear jerker. So far they have produced 5 trailers, including a 20 minute trailer (which are no longer available on Vimeo). They came back in October to film the band’s rural homes, and will proceed with the editing which we are told will take 6 months! They have to bring something like 400 hours or more footage down to a 90 minute documentary! Prudence wrote 2 new songs for the film, one about KGVI and the other a superb accapello song called iThemba which will definitely bring tears to your eyes. The film has her singing it on the top of a kopje (rocky hill) in the Matopos with the setting sun shining on her tears. The film is supposed to end with Liyana in America.


Liyana is definitely off to America at the end of December!  They will tour California with the John Lennon bus company; this will include playing in Disneyland!  They will then spend eight days doing shows in New York.  The tickets are bought and the visas issued.  We created quite a stir in the American Embassy as while applying for the visas the Consular staff asked the band to sing for them and the Ambassador.  The journey and the whole tour will be filmed as part of the ongoing iThemba film project(Sorry, this link is now broken).  This is creating much interest in America but has not yet been fully funded although we are very hopeful.  For the band this is the ultimate dream and they are counting the days.