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·         1st prize in Music Crossroads competition, Zimbabwe, 2nd prize winners in inter-regional competition for Music Crossroads in Maputo (2006

·         International performances in: Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium. 

·         The lead vocalists have also performed in Greece and Switzerland.

·         Many performances at public shows and charity benefit shows, including Tia Concert at the Celebration Centre in Harare

·         Music dvd produced for song Umntwana weQhawe

·         A further music dvd is planned with Unicef for the song Children are Special which is written in English, Shona and Ndebele and is about child rights.



No better introduction can be found than the following press cutting - 

Liyana from Zimbabwe were a firm audience favourite and such was the exceptional quality of their music they ensured the judges a hard time in picking a winner. Their fantastic percussive (with 4 marimba players) and acoustic slant on Afro fusion was fresh and beguiling. A product of an arts program run by The King George the 6th School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Liyana (the name means "it’s raining" in Ndebele and equals good luck) are all the more remarkable given the fact that each member was born with impaired physical abilities. They are a young new band, the eight members ranging from 15 to 21 years old, but this was not immediately evident as their talent and preparation saw them book a ticket on the second prize tour of Sweden in September of this year. A name to look out for…  

Jeunesses Musicales International: Press » Press Releases » Music Crossroads InterRegional Festival 2006 : Thank the rain and the vibes ! )


Band NameLiyana – this is Ndebele and basically means its raining – as Prudence puts it – when we get on stage it starts raining – in a dry country believe me this is a blessing!

Type of music – Afro-fusion

Origin of songs – mainly composed by the band members in Ndebele, English and Shona.

Number in band – 8

The Band:
Prudence Mabhena – lead vocalist
Marvelous Mbulo – 2nd vocalist
Tapiwa Nyengera – piano, keyboard and back-up vocalist
Farai Mabhande – keyboard
Energy Maburutse – lead marimba, back-up vocalist
Honest Mupatse – tenor marimba, back-up vocalist
Vusani Vuma – bass marimba
Goodwell Nzou – drums, back-up vocalist






King George VI Centre, George Avenue, Kumalo, Bulawayo


Prudence (King George VI Centre) : 09 230434/5



Mrs Hussey: 255323 or 0912247429

Mrs Mutasa:


Email:  OR