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Welcome to the Department of Foreign Language Teaching. Students have been visiting us for many years, and we are delighted  that via the website you're joining that long tradition.

Like all people who are enthusiastic about their work, we think that studying languages is the most interesting, the most useful and the most important thing.

Language is the greatest possession of mankind, a condition for its survival and development, a means of cognition of the world around, a mirror, treasury and instrument of culture as people's way of life and way of thinking. A foreign language is a key to the magic door that leads to the world of other countries, other peoples - as interesting as our home world but exposing new, astonishing facets.

Language is what makes us human. It is the medium we use to share our thoughts with the world. Could you imagine a thought without language? The world would be a very complicated place for people to understand each other; therefore, learning another language is like discovering another world.
One thing is sure, the more languages we speak, the better we understand the world and the other cultures.

Eugenia V. Livskaya

Come on! Join us in Halloween Celebration Web Project!

Hello and welcome!

You're invited to take part into a web project called 'Halloween Holiday Celebration in English-speaking countries'. The goal of the web project is to discuss the origin of the holiday, its brief history, peculiarities of celebrating Halloween in different countries. We'll learn traditional Halloween games and songs, remember the most famous movies dedicated to the holiday, etc.

All additional information about the web project structure, its description and requirements, grading procedures and list of useful links you'll find here.

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