What is a Co-op Preschool?

A cooperative preschool is a non-profit organization owned and operated by the parents of the children enrolled. Together, the members shape the direction and policies of the schools with the guidance of a qualified teacher. They share a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of self esteem in a child's healthy development that recognizes the value of learning through play.

Benefits of Cooperative Preschools

  • Parent involvement with children in a hands-on learning environment
  • Sharing special times and memories with your child
  • Being a part of a small business that is run by the members
  • An opportunity to meet other parents of young children
  • Support during the joyous and trying times of child-rearing
  • A place to make use of your talents
  • Access to experts on child development at educational conferences

Cooperative preschool teachers are warm, caring people who respect young children and their parents, relate easily to them, and help provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow.

Responsibilities of a Livonia Co-op Preschool Family

  • A family representative works in the classroom about twice each month. The classroom adult to child ratio is about 1:4. 
  • The family provides snack for the child’s class about once per month
  • The family meets its own annual fundraising goal of $150 including working at least two shifts at a charity poker fundraiser.
  • A family representative attends the monthly membership meetings. These meeting occur Monday evenings, usually on the first Monday of the month. All decisions are made by the general membership (all parents) or by the Co-Op Board (parents elected by the general membership) so family participation is crucial. 
  • The family performs the duties of its assigned job. A professionally-educated teacher is the co-op's only paid employee. Parents do everything else so each family has a job at the school. A list of jobs can be found in the application packet and the parent handbook. 

*Parents, grandparents, or other family members/friends may act as the family representative. Everyone who works in the classroom must submit paperwork for a criminal background check.

*Note that these responsibilities are for families of children in the 3- and 4-year-old classes. Participants in the Parent/Child Class for 2-year-olds are not required to take on further responsibilities.

2017 Livonia Co-op Brochure