10. What happens if you get sick or injured?
11. What would happen to society if everybody lived like you do? What if everybody raided dumpsters?
12. You look well-fed and well-dressed; are you a trust-funder?
13. Why don't mooches like you work?
14. You say you don't use money, yet aren't you using products of the money system & relying on the hard-earned money of others? [Revised October 10, 2009]
15. What do you do if somebody offers you money or buys things for you?
16. What do you do if you find money?
17. Do you barter?
18. Isn't it hard living your life of asceticism?
19. What about relationships? Don't you get lonely?
19. What about relationships? Don't you get lonely?
1. Why Do You Live Without Money? (A Biographical Intro)
20. Has anybody else ever joined you?
21. Do you know of anybody else who presently lives like you do?
22. Do people harass you?
23. Do you envision a moneyless world?
23. Do you want to change the world to a moneyless world?
24. Your ideas sound nice, but naive. Let's get real. Don't you think, with all the thieves, the lazy, the mooches & the greedy that a moneyless, free economy just wouldn't work?
25. Are you religious?
26. Don't you get scared or discouraged?
2. Do You Think Money Is Evil?
31. Why are you an extremist? Shouldn't you follow the Middle Way between extremes?
32. Don't you know about grace? Aren't you trying to "work" for your salvation?
3. What Do You Do For Food?
4. What do you do for shelter?
5. What do you do for transportation?
6. Do you get sick from dumpsters & roadkill & living in the cold?
7. Do you take food stamps or other government aid or institutional charity?
8. How long do you plan to live this way?
9. What will you do when you get old?
All FAQ's on 1 page for print-out
Gift of Favor, Gift of Suffering
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How do you do laundry?
How do you maintain your blog and website and do email?
How to Become Free From Debt
Is Banking Criminal? What the World's Ancient Philosophers & Religions Say:
Love & Possession - Sex & Money
Money, Oneness, and Division
Our Fall From Grace: Our Departure From Gratis: The Beginning of Money
The Seven-Headed Dragon: World Commerce
Videos Featuring Suelo & Other Moneyless Friends & Advocates
What about clothing and fashion?
What about hygiene? (And its High Philosophy)
What if I want to be free of money? Where do I begin?
What Money Is & What Money Is Not
What Steps Must I Take To Be Free?
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